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Over 40,000 publishers earn revenue from the Be On partnership worldwide

Be On specialises in the distribution of viewer-activated video content from some of the world’s biggest brands.

Maximise revenue potential

Great video can engage your users, increase dwell times and help earn you additional advertising revenue. We know that creating video content can be expensive and time-consuming which is why we work with advertisers to deliver the best premium branded content. Through our network, we target branded content to consumers on a click-to-play basis. Our philosophy is to be always relevant and never intrusive, meaning our content can lead to increased time spent on your site. Viewers actively click to watch so remain engaged in a way that fits and enriches your content theme.

Best-in-class player technology

Our easy to implement and fully customisable player is a market leader designed for flawless viewing and uninterrupted performance to reflect favourably on your brand – across all platforms and screens. You will receive real-time insight through our analytics platform that tracks and analyses consumer interaction using more than 50 different metrics.

The control is yours

Our intuitive platform is easy to use wherever you are in the world and whatever language you speak. With no set up or serving costs, you remain in control at all times. You choose the format, content and placement while remaining in charge of all your payments and the markets you want to be in.

Help and advice

The Be On team are experts in distribution and placement. With over eight years’ experience and over 40,000 sites in our network delivering in 90 countries, we know how to make the process simple, hassle-free and results driven. We will work with you to bring new audiences to your site and find the best place to position our video player in order to drive revenue.

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