Drive Active Views & Repeat Engaged Audiences Through Social & Native Video


Users are 20 times more likely to click a video player than a standard banner. We build an audience for your brand in a credible environment that they know and trust, and we allow publishers to integrate where it drives attention from users. Viewers actively click to watch, so you know that each view is a quality, engaged one. Plus you’re only charged for active views, measured to the last second, something quite simply other video formats can’t deliver.


4% of people watch our videos again – that’s one of the reasons we know we are relevant. When it comes to understanding the interaction between your brand and its fans, we’ve got it covered. Engaged audiences are more likely to share content with their friends and multiple research pieces show the difference in perception between ads pushed at people vs letting them engage with branded assets in a native environment. It also helps that your content doesn’t fold up after it is done and turn in to the content people wanted to see when they clicked.


More than 20% of all our views occur organically. An old saying goes; you always get what you pay for. That is still true of course, but with social video you also get much more than what you pay for. Only views in target markets are paid for and we keep hosting your content long after your guarantee has been reached. The benefit of creating conversation and sharing is yours and yours alone. That’s one of the reasons we call it social video.

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